4 Realtor Tips For Success When Selling Your Home

Published on July 22, 2015

4 Realtor Tips For Success When Selling Your Home



Would you like 4 ‘realtor’ tips for success when selling your home? Very often, a realtor has the opportunity to get a listing, sell it, and then find a perfect home for the sellers. It is especially gratifying when the sellers are so pleased, they refer other family members and friends to you. These are a realtor’s best clients! They write you testimonials, take your cards to pass out when friends are looking … referrals, as we all know, are the greatest compliment a realtor can receive. The most important thing to do with a new client is develop there trust. My father and mentor, taught me ” The sentence you will probably say several times a day, should be … “I don’t know but I will find out for you”.

This is the type of realtor you want for several reasons; nobody knows everything; the law, title work, lending guidelines and rates, homeowners insurance, contractors pricing, property assessments, and ever homeowners association rules and guidelines.

As a starting point, consider the following tips intended to provide a guide for your listing of your home.


Tip #1) Do not overlook the value of a realtor

Considering the ups and downs of the real estate market and the nuances of listing and selling a property, it is prudent to involve a realtor who is well versed in contracts, negotiations, marketing and SEO for marketing your home!

Most buyers these days, are quite knowledgeable regarding the purchase they intend to make. After all, buying a house often involves conducting research and a bit of legwork to find the right homes in the market. Sites such as Zillow,  give you a ‘Zestimate’ of a homes value. However, how can some who has never seen the house, possibly know anything about the neighborhood, the home owners association, by-laws, road or other assessments, that the seller is liable for, let alone, what improvements have been made to the property; plumbing, heating, electrical, roof, foundation, upgrades, Additions, permits pulled by contractors and the list goes on … the answer is, people working there do not know any of this!

Therefore, do not underestimate the value of professional advice. Choosing the right real estate agent, allows you to can gain insights regarding; the prevailing market trends in a given area, whether this is phase 2 of 4 phases ( crucial when buying new construction). This hold especially true, if you have been transferred and have a high likely hood of another transfer as you move upwards in your profession. These factors Zillow has ‘no knowledge of all’! I’m sorry to say,  Zillow ‘Zestimates’ are not valued by anybody in the real estate community, lending community or title companies.


Tip #2) List your house at the right price

Various aspects may affect your listing price. One is the general state of the home. For instance, if your home is in need of work, then buyers may shun it and opt for more appealing homes in the vicinity. The other reason could be the price of similar homes around the area. Listing your home at too low a price could lower your prospects of selling it as buyers may think that the pricing is based on some faults in the house.

Conversely, setting your price above the prevailing rates could dissuade potential buyers from even viewing your home. You would therefore be stuck with your house for a longer duration. The thought of dealing with such a downturn can be very frustrating for a homeowner intending to sell their house. Moreover, determining the right price for your home can be a dilemma of sorts.

Nonetheless, a real estate agent can help you to determine the sweet spot as far as the pricing your home is concerned. In order to attract potential buyers to your listing, the pricing needs to be just right. Therefore, a realtor can help to kick-start the sale process so that you do not put off would-be buyers before listing your home.


Tip #3) It does not matter which season you intend to sell or buy a home

In order to make the right sale, you need to bide your time. As far as real estate transactions are concerned, any season could be a good time for a sale. The idea is to ensure that when you list your home, it would be in prime condition. This would also imply making the necessary renovations (if need be) to enhance its value and appeal to buyers.

Some real estate agents say that springtime is the ideal time to sell a home. However, it is not a rule that you should abide by. Make sure that you’ve spruced up your home before listing it and that you feel ready to make the sale. By taking your time to improve your home, you would in turn be setting the stage for the right sale.


Tip #4) Plan 10 Steps Ahead Before You Sell

You should always have a plan of action once you’ve sold your home. Before listing your home, you should have a clear picture of where you intend to Relocate. A good real estate agent can facilitate the process of finding reasonably priced homes in case you are considering downsizing or renting, if tenancy is on your mind, till you find the right home or condo.

Moreover, plan ahead. For instance, if your plan to list your home a few months down the road, take the requisite steps to improve the home in readiness for the listing. By making such smart choices, you can make a better return on your investment.

Overall, if you are filled with doubt as far as what you would do in case a willing and ready buyer comes knocking on your door, then you should take a step back and evaluate your motivation for selling your home. Until you feel that you are ready for the sale, then hold back and await your thoughts to settle so that you do not make a rash and uniformed decision.

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4 Realtor Tips For Success When Selling Your Home
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