4 Tips To Make Your Move Easier !

Published on October 29, 2015

4 Tips To Make Your Move Easier !


Make your move easier? Moving is “UP THERE’ among one of the MOST Stressful things in Life. However – it is inevitable you will one day be Relocated or decide to Move to Another part of the Country. However, with the right Planning, a Bit of Creativity, and Proper Advance Planning – it Can become a GREAT Adventure!!!

Planning the Trip

A move like this will require days or even weeks to complete. A move from Sonoma, California to Birmingham, Michigan would take you at least five days. If you moved with a modest size family and drove at least 10 hours each day that is. This sounds grueling in just about any context, but if you’re willing to do a little exploring along the way its not all that bad. Regardless of the route you’ll be taking there is almost always something wonderful to see along the way.

Make sure you plan out your journey well ahead of time too. Finding cost effective and adequate accommodations can be difficult last minute. Also don’t forget there are plenty of websites and apps available to you for finding the best possible deal you can.

Moving Companies

Choosing the right moving company is huge. I have personally used Penske & Allied Van Lines for long distance moves and Two Men and a Truck for local Moves. The only thing of Importance here is Avoiding Problems with Moving Companies.

Make an Adventure out of it

Moving can be very easy and even enjoyable if you simplify the entire process. People with limited transportation space for instance, need pack only what they consider essential. Take things with you in your car that you feel you have to have in your new home to make it through your first night. Everything else leave to the moving van and always consider that the van could be late. So take things you feel you would need on your first day in your new house.

If at all possible, rent a small U-Haul or Penske Truck  you drive, or one that can be  pulled with your car or truck. In there – you will bring the ‘Essentials” so when you arrive at you new home – you are ‘Function’ as normal – before the rest of the furniture arrives. A couple Mattresses and Sleeping bags with your own Pillows to start and a small kitchen set – your whole family can sit at. Believe it or not – PACK UP your Kitchen. I advise ALL my clients the First thing they should Unpack should be the Kitchen. You can SAVE Hundreds if not Thousands by being able to cook you own meals, not have to go through – Drive-Through windows for breakfast – rushing to school. This then Establishes the Kitchen – which is often the  “HEART of the HOME”, for you; where you meet for meals, go over the days events, how the new school is, which Teacher’s your kids have … You’ll be amazed without TV’s , X Box and the like – how much you will connect.  Make it a like a Family ‘Camping Trip, pack ALL your Favorite Board Games, cards, your pets bed, bowls and toys for the dog and your kids – You will be very pleased you did. Another great idea, all your Family Photo Albums, Will be another Sharing Moment, at the table after meals – reminiscing about all your past Adventures. Again – Cozy up at Bedtime in the Family room (Lights out)- make sure you have large scented candles; Sugar cookie, Vanilla – whatever you like – so when its time for Bed make it a “WALTON FAMILY” Moment where you all tell stories before falling asleep. This will aslo ease your small children as they go to Bed in a NEW Place – by morning – while you make Bagels, cereal, …or whatever, your house will have Begun Felling like HOME !!!

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You might even want to consider taking a planning trip out to your new home before moving everything there. This trip will also let you see what might not be a good fit for your new house. Meaning you’ll know what you should consider selling and what you should consider keeping. Its much easier and cheaper to sell or donate items before your move than it is to sell them when you’re settled, one less thing to worry about.

Also, once you’ve managed to sell the items you wish to part with, you’ll not only pay less for moving everything, but the money you make will help fund your move.

Embrace the new home

When you move across the country you’ll most likely be moving somewhere with no friends or family. When you’re finally settled and you find yourself with some time on your hands, go out and explore the city. Research the highlights of your new community and participate in some of the local activities. Attend events, eat out, visit museums and art exhibits or any other social activity that might interest you.

It also helps to take your family everywhere you go, the kids especially. Going with them to restaurants, libraries, supermarkets and museums among other parts of the new city, helps them embrace the idea that the new location is their new home and community.

Even consider browsing through community pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These serve as great outlets for finding local events, as well as meeting local people. Home Owner Associations are also a GREAT want to meet your Neighbors. This is something you Should Investigate early on – because some Home Owners Associations May Have Restrictions  and you’ll want to know them in advance. . Aside from social media, check out the different community pages and see what you can find on there. One app and site commonly overlooked in a case like this is yelp, find out what locals are saying about all the different events and places you’re considering.

Make sure you’re kids develop a new social circle as well, encourage them to take part in any extra curricular activities that are offered at their school. This type of move is always much easier when your kids have plenty of opportunity to interact and make new friends.

When you and your family make a move this big its important to remember that perception is key. Its easy to focus on your old home and the people you knew, but try to focus on the new memories you’ll make and the new people you’ll meet. A cross country move can be difficult but more often then not … its always a worth while experience.

Wendy Weir Relocation – Real Estate Agent, Relocation Specialist, Birmingham, MI

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4 Tips To Make Your Move Easier !
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