6 Great Tips Before Moving In

Published on May 24, 2017

6 Great Tips Before Moving In

Hopefully, you have been able to arrange for a couple of days before your movers arrive with the furniture to you new house, while it is empty.These are things that will help you with a much smoother and less stressful transition.  If not, many of these suggestions can be accomplished on moving day as well.


1st and Foremost, Change the locks

Remember, there have probably been several sets of clients looking at the house with their realtor. The owners may have had contractors come and do work before putting it on the market. They could have several sets of keys out there; family, friends, housekeeper, dog sitter you never know. So arrange for a locksmith to arrive as soon as possible. This will allow you immediate peace of mind.

 Have The Walls Painted

Many times, you will be lucky enough to have a home that has been freshly painted. However, if there are a few rooms you would like done, to your taste, now is the time to do it. If your movers are arriving the same day as you are, just have them place the furniture closer to the center of the rooms, so the painters can get to the walls easily, which will take much less time, then if they have to move everything themselves. Also, if you are putting in new carpet or flooring, do the painting first so you don’t have to worry about paint on your new floors.

Unpack Your Kitchen

Having your kitchen set up right away is one of the best ways to feel settled. It is also one of the most important rooms in your house. Have cleaning supplies ready for the cupboards, drawers, counters and appliances. Once everything is cleaned, you are free to put away your items. This also enables you to be ready to have your first meals in your new house. A very important  aspect, especially if you have young children, which helps with their regular routine and allowing them to feel more at ease.


Anything broken?

After having your home inspection, if there were repairs that were noted in the report, get them fixed. One of the worst things to wait on is some type of plumbing leak. Not only will it be easier if you need to replace something major, but the longer a leak goes unfixed, the more damage and costly it will be in the long run.

Additional items to attend to are things like; putting new batteries in your smoke alarms, tighten any loose stairway banisters, change your furnace filters, clean the tracks in your door walls, and sliding windows. Again, these all can be done after you move in, but it just makes it that much easier if you can do it before.

Draw A Furniture Floor Plan

There is nothing worse on moving day then having all the furniture brought in quickly, and the movers not knowing where to place it. If you put a sign on each of the rooms; Office, Den, Bedroom # 1,2,3 this makes the process go quite smoothly. Next to the sign, put a small hand drawn picture of where you want the furniture set in each room, you can be working on other things and then just check each room once they are finished.


Set up The Closets

If you are using a moving company, they will provide you with wardrobe boxes. The quicker you can unpack these the better. Not only will everything be put away, but then you can have them take the boxes with them. Believe me, not only do they take up a great deal of space, but they are rarely ones you want to keep anyway. If you are moving your clothes yourself, before moving day, laying them while on the hangers in your trunk or car it very easy. This will be a great help once you see how many boxes arrive with the movers.

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6 Great Tips Before Moving In
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