Staging Your Home For Top Dollar, Low Cost Make Over Tips

Published on October 4, 2017

Staging Your Home For Top Dollar, Low Cost Make Over Tips


Staging your home to sell for top dollar is much easier than you may think. Staging your home for sale is one of the most important aspects of prepping a house for the buyer’s market. While there are different levels to staging, the basic foundation of the process can be handled from a either professional standpoint to a DIY approach. Hiring a professional could be a worthy investment. However, if you don’t have money set aside there are several tricks you can do yourself, and some don’t cost a dime. Check out these tips to get your home looking great and ready to sell!

Home Preperation

 1. It goes without saying that CLEANING is the most essential way to get your home “Open House Ready.” The number one thing people look for when viewing a home is whether or not they believe it is clean. A home that is absolutely pristine presents itself as well cared for.

2. Sparkling counters and appliances go a long way when a home is for sale; and all you need to get started is some basic cleaning materials and elbow grease.

3. During the staging prep process, make sure to focus on the home in its entirety. Clean all windows inside and out. Dust all door frames, light fixtures, ceiling fans and blinds. Don’t leave a single spot in your home untouched. Potential buyers look everywhere, so make sure the entire home is clean.

4. Depersonalize the house. Not only does it eliminate clutter, but potential buyers can envision their own families in your space.

5. Furnish all rooms with the absolute minimum items: couches, chairs, a table and a couple lamps is all you need in some rooms.

6. Pack up almost all personal photos and family keepsakes. A great photo of your family enjoying a camping trip or other activity can be left out on display if your home is being marketed to buyers with children. All other photo albums and heirlooms should be packed away out of view. You’re not selling the family, you’re selling the house,so always let that be the center of attention.

7. Pack and pack, then pack some more! You could probably live comfortably for a short time with about half the things you own. We all tend to collect things. But you cannot showcase rooms that are full of stuff, especially too much furniture. Store items you can live without (temporarily) in an offsite unit. If you have to store items in the garage, make certain you leave enough room for a car.

8. Staging you home, includes manicuring your outdoor spaces. Even if a yard is simple, cut the grass (approx. 3 inches high is optimal) and clear the pathways. Potential buyers will absolutely consider the outdoor spaces as critically as they do indoor spaces. Try to freshen the landscape with flowers and decorative items, and   make sure the yard is perfectly manicured and watered.


9. Power wash the sidewalk, patio, deck, driveway and fence. You will be amazed what a difference this will make in the look of your home.

10. Turn on the lights and open the shades when showing or photographing your home for potential buyers. Even the lights over the stove and inside the oven should be on. Buyers want bright and cheery with as much natural light as possible.


11. First impressions are lasting impressions. Creating a stylish, yet organized entryway benefits both you and your guests. The foyer offers visitors the first view of your home, so its significance is greater than its size. Remove the extra shoes, book bags, and anything else that gets typically dropped by the front door. It should reflect your home’s style and create a single point from which all the other rooms flow.


12. Set the tone to the adjacent rooms with color, furniture styling and artwork. A mirror can make the space seem larger. Items do not need to be identical, but they should be related to create a cohesive look and feel from room to room.

13. High-end closet installers can customize built-in storage units for an attractive and stylish solution to many people’s organization woes. But for many, the price tag is a budget-buster. Want to DIY? Achieve the look putting together an inexpensive shelving unit inside a closet. Add adjustable shelves and you have a perfectly sized, attractive space for all your storage needs.


14. A finished basement offers more living space and many buyers are looking for “move-in ready” homes where they don’t have to remodel. Be careful here though. In some areas of the country, a finished basement adds only a small percentage to a home’s value, unless it is a walk-out with at least one bedroom and bath.

15. Many older homes with a basement have leaks. So, before you tackle the decorating and design aspects of your unfinished basement, find the source of the leak and make all necessary repairs. Many repairs are inexpensive and easy. Fill in cracks with epoxy, install additional downspouts, re-slope landscaping and install flashing. Purchase a dehumidifier as well. Then, seal the walls.

16. Painting ceilings will brighten any room. Pipes, air ducts and more can be painted to match the ceiling to make them blend in. An easy option would be to use of drywall or large, removable tiles to allow access to all that “stuff” hanging from the ceiling.

17. Carpeting is the natural flooring of choice for most basements. But the cost of moisture-resistant padding can be pricey.For tighter budgets, consider vinyl. Some new styles offer a surprisingly realistic wood-look option. Vinyl is inexpensive and can be easily installed. Since basements are notoriously moist, tile may be the better choice. Make sure to get tile with anti-slip finishes or consider leaving the concrete floor exposed and acid-staining it. With lots of area rugs scattered about, feet will stay warm.

18. Proper lighting is crucial in a basement that you plan to use frequently. Choose track lighting or pot lights for the ceiling and then add table lamps. A low ceiling and lack of natural light in most basements can be fixed easily with light-colored accessories, soft fluffy rugs, thick blankets, pillows and artwork to create a warmth in your newly-finished basement.

19. The bathroom is probably the best room in the house for a mini-makeover.

Your bathroom should be a peaceful, relaxing space. Are you more soothed by rich, dramatic tones and style, or are you going for a more simple and serene spa-like space? Once you know what you want, take a look at these simple tips for getting the bathroom upgrade you’ve been dreaming of.

20. Repainting rooms is and obviously starting point since doing it yourself results in a fast and dramatic change. For the simple and serene look, choose soft and soothing tones to give you a greater sense of space and light. If you’re looking for a rich, dark hideaway, choose warm saturated tones to strike the right mood.

21. Drawer pulls can keep the style makeover moving forward. They’re available in all styles and price points. Typically, a nickel or stainless finish goes best with the spa look, while oil-rubbed bronze tones will add the richness you’re looking for in a sophisticated atmosphere.

22. Because our bathrooms are also spaces that our guests may see, keeping them clutter free is essential. A quick and functional fix are simple storage containers in different sizes. This way your makeup and other beauty and grooming items can easily be popped in a container and put away.

23. Good grooming requires adequate lighting. But when you’re just looking to slip into the tub and relax, you want something softer. Add a simple dimmer switch and you can create just the ambiance you want.

24. Small updates to a bathroom can really make the space feel new. Look for sink fixtures that offer a little more height over the bowl and length extending into the bowl for the most functional effect. Upgrading your shower head is a must. A handheld shower head that ties into the shower arm and can extend from the wall via a hose is another treat for a would be buyer.

25. Medicine cabinets now come in many different designs. A simple beveled mirror version with a plastic wipe-able interior can update a rusted metal version. Another simple fix if you don’t want to replace the whole cabinet is to build a simple picture-style frame right over your basic wall mirror. Just choose the frame according to the style you’re going for, and make sure the surface is moisture resistant.

26. Finishing touches like new towels and a fresh bathmat can change the appearance of your bath space with little effort. Make sure you put out a few candles, decorative bath beads, and add a little greenery to the room.

Staging your home by giving it a “mini makeover,” is the best way to get it ready to put it on the market. You will be surprised how quickly the offers will come in for a home that is clean, bright and clutter free. Best of all, you did not break the bank getting it this way!

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Staging Your Home For Top Dollar, Low Cost Make Over Tips
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