Use Color, Lights and Mirrors To Open and Brighten Your Rooms

Published on November 7, 2017

Use Color, Lights and Mirrors To Open and Brighten Your Rooms

Color Will Brighten Any Room

The use of color, assorted lighting and mirrors are decorator’s tricks you may not have thought of, to open and brighten your rooms. The coming of winter brings with it the excitement of the holidays, spending time with family and remembering the important things in life. But once the New Year’s Eve ball descends and a new year begins, winter can stretch out long, and be cold and dreary.

Another way to lighten up rooms in your home, is not only through color, but accessories, like a mirror here and there. If you place them on walls near windows, not only do they brighten the room, they also can make it appear much larger!

Go Light

While many shudder at the thought of all white, or light color walls, a natural color palette can be effective at transforming your interior and keeping a space light and bright. Plus, interior paint manufacturers offer a variety of paints in warm or cool tints, that add just a subtle touch or mood to a space. Adding accents like artwork, area rugs and furniture pieces that are saturated with color or a pattern, can prevent a  room from appearing too monotone. Fresh light walls also serve as a backdrop, to emphasize the styling of your furnishings.

Color Splash

If all white walls don’t sound appealing, consider painting the trim white and accenting it with a rich, bold color or graphic ceiling borders. To really lighten a room, make it feel crisp and bright, try complementing a strong color against white trim. Painting your walls a sky blue is a subtle way to bring the outside in. You’ll feel as if you’re experiencing a sunny summer day in the yard, even on those dark winter evenings.

Color Scheme

Link adjacent spaces with a unifying wall color and floor material. Maintaining a color scheme makes rooms look bigger. If you do need to change flooring materials, simply stay within the same color family, the fewer floor “breaks,” the better. Light colors or neutrals, appear to increase space and provide a neutral background for furniture and artwork. Avoid unnecessary details, such as ruffles, in furniture and window treatments. Use simple paneled draperies or shades instead.


The best way to inject a sense of brightness into your space is with artwork. Whether it is a family heirloom, or something purchased at an estate sale, colorful pieces can become the focal point in any space. Even in a small foyer, adding an over sized piece of artwork on a small wall, creates drama, while making the space appear larger than it is.


Mirrored walls create a shimmering effect, and definitely lighten, and add brightness to your room. Additionally, they help to create the illusion, that the room is much larger, especially in the bathroom.

Light It Up

Winter months have the shortest amount of daylight. Creating a lighting scheme for areas throughout your home, will help to assure the most pleasing effects possible. The brightest layer of light should be in the room where you have the most activity. One way to lighten a room is to create a middle layer of accent light. A chandelier works best in specific areas, without detracting from the focal points. A third layer, such as decorative lamps, fill in the ambient or background light. Dimmers not only set a mood, but will conserve energy. They also help you custom tailor light in a room, for multiple uses and decorative effects to brighten your space.

Tile and Stone

Elements within a kitchen or bathroom are can vary greatly. Being creative with different tile patters, marble and granite will greatly brighten your kitchen or bath. Their natural colors and tones add a warmth and coziness to any room.

Accentuate Your Windows

In the beginning days of winter, utilize your windows to make the most of the natural light. If you have large windows with beautiful views, accent the room with natural colors. This will not only lighten the room, but will bring the outside world in. This helps to expand the look of your rooms. With the wonderful patterns and colors fabrics that are offered, it is very easy to lighten and brighten your interior. Be sure to open the drapes, to let in as much natural light as possible.


Stuck in the house for the next few months? Take the opportunity to clear out and declutter.

Winter is the perfect time to dispose of everything you have not used for a year. Get rid of any items that are not adding to the look of the room. Create organized storage, wherever you can, so items that are less frequently used can be stowed away. Consider it getting a jump on your spring cleaning!


When it comes to cabinets and bookcases, do not fill up every shelf in a room, leave some of them half empty and spacious for an airy and more dramatic look. Where functional, remove as many doors as possible or use pocket doors to increase the sense of space. You may also consider adding a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall bookcase, this trick will create an impressive focal point and visually expand space by pushing the walls and ceiling out.

What to do about wallpaper?

Probably, the area most people look at when deciding to lighten their home, is to remove the old wallpaper. Why, there is nothing that dates a home more then old, outdated wallpaper. It is the first thing you can do to really freshen and brighten any room.

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Use Color, Lights and Mirrors To Open and Brighten Your Rooms
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