Why Sell Your Home In The Winter

Published on February 3, 2015

Why Sell Your Home In The Winter


Why sell your home in the winter? Although traditionally, most sellers want to market their home in the spring or summer, let me tell you, there are always, fewer homes on the market. However, those who are looking, are the really serious buyers; someone who had been transferred, someone who has just sole their house, people who have to move, due to age, divorce or a great number of other reasons. These buyers, are motivated and with smaller inventory, you as the seller have a Stronger Position, when there is less to choose from.

Make sure your home is easily accessible – driveways must be plowed, walkways must be shoveled and be sure to put down salt or a salt substitute to keep patches where ice may form. Remember – buyers have access to cell phone Apps. and could schedule a showing at any moment !

Keep The Heat On

There is nothing worse than walking into a cold home. This gives a buyer a bad first impression – and may make them wonder – ‘are the heating bills here too high – so the heat is set really low on purpose?’, This will definitely affect the buyer’s feelings about your home, especially if they are moving from a warmer climate that does not get cold in the winter. A chilly reception ensures their first impression is not a good one.

If you have an upcoming showing, be sure the heat is on and the house is warm and cozy.

Additionally, if the home is vacant, make sure you winterize your home if it is going to be vacant during the winter. Winterizing a home is when you have a plumber come and blow out your pipes, just like when you turn off the sprinkles.  You don’t want your pipes to freeze and burst. That can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars of repairs to not only the pipes, but possibly the floors, drywall …

Show Off Your Winter Wonders

If you have a fireplace in your home, there is no better time to show it off than the winter months. Buyers love walking into an Open House where there is a fire going. It adds to the ambiance and provides a comforting feeling, if you have a large home, light all the fireplaces. This will show off those rooms and make each one seem warm and inviting.

Talk with your seller ahead of listing the property, to make sure that they are on board to use the fireplace(s). If you haven’t serviced them in a while, get them cleaned. It is also very important to make sure the chimney has been cleaned. It will definitely be inspected once it has sold.



Also, if you have any great winter photographs of your home and property, display them, so the Buyer can get a sense of the winter wonderland! Especially for people who have never lived in a winter climate.


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Let Buyers See Your Outside Attributes

In the warmer months, it’s not uncommon for buyers to step out on the deck, down into the yard and into the landscaping. They will want to see the outdoor space and get a feel for the lot and the land.

Although in winter buyers may be less likely to tour the grounds, they will still want to know what’s there. If the winter months or snow make an outdoor assets; photos of gardens, pool, flowering trees, blue stone walkways, decks, patios … to ensure the buyer can visualize the beautiful features you have added to your home !!!


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Why Sell Your Home In The Winter
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